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How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs? – The Complete Gynecomastia Treatment Guide

Heard any good boob jokes lately? I heard a lot when I had man boobs, and to tell you the truth I never really found these jokes to be funny.

I had to deal with confidence issues to the point that I didn’t even want to go out of the house anymore.

And that’s really the biggest problem with male gynecomastia—it’s very debilitating for your self-esteem.

That’s why I decided to start this website on how to get rid of man boobs to help you find the most effective gynecomstia treatments.


What is Gynecomastia?

List of treatments for gynecomastia

For most of us, gynecomastia is the enlargement of breasts in men. It may not be all that life-threatening, but most of us do feel an utter sense of embarrassment and shame that keeps us from going to the beach or wearing tight shirts.

It has become so common that the New York Times featured it a few years ago.

Doctors have a very technical definition of gynecomastia, however.

True gynecomastia for them involves the enlargement of the breast glands.

Usually, there’s a hormonal component to it, which is why the vast majority of newborns have the condition, as do more than half of adolescent boys and almost three-fourths of men over the age of 70.

Your hormonal imbalance may be caused by anabolic steroids, and even excessive drinking can lead to a sex hormone imbalance that ends up with you having enlarged boobs.

Other possible causes include liver disease, kidney failure, a testicular tumor, or a reduction in testosterone production.

Obesity is also a factor when it comes to enlarged breasts in men, and that makes the condition much more common than ever before.

Doctors call this condition pseudo-gynecomastia, as if the sense of embarrassment it causes isn’t as severe. Let’s be honest here – the problem for us is the same, isn’t it?

So of course, that leaves many guys like you and me looking up online for info on how to get rid of man boobs.

The problem is that it’s not all that easy to learn how to lose man boobs. Go to a doctor, and you’ll have to undergo a complete endocrine workup. And because they’re doctors, they may even suggest surgery.

Different Treament Options for Gynecomastia:

Diet and Exercise That Reduce Gynecomastia

Exercises can help reduce man boobsIf your man boobs are the result of taking steroids, then you really ought to stop taking them.

If you have a medical condition that caused your gynecomastia, then treating that condition gets rid of your man boobs too.

So if your prominent cleavage is the result of obesity, many nutritionists and fitness experts along with doctors will prescribe the usual panacea for obesity – diet and exercise.

Dieting and working out has the advantage of being much less radical than surgery. It’s much simpler to understand as well.

You just make sure you consume fewer calories than you use up, and you ought to use up a lot of calories by working out. Your body is then forced to use your fat deposits as fuel for all your exertions.

This approach is not without its costs, however. You’ll have to pay for a gym membership, buy equipment, and perhaps get the assistance of a professional fitness instructor.

Dieting may be costly as well. Some diet plans are for sale, for example, and your diet may require you to buy more exotic food items.

Mostly, you’re going to also have to avoid fatty foods that help contribute to your large man boobs.

Usually (but not always), the diet for gynecomastia emphasizes foods that have low calories but are rich in nutrients.

This often calls for fruits and vegetables, nonfat dairy, whole grains, and lean meats. Some food items may also have “anti-inflammatory” properties that can help reduce boob size.

These include fatty fish like tuna and salmon, along with food items that are rich in antioxidants like citrus fruits, beans, leafy veggies, berries, and sweet potatoes.

Eating foods that increase the testosterone level also help to reduce the size of your moobs.

For gynecomastia exercises, cardio may be emphasized, although some strength training may be incorporated as well so you can develop muscles.

In general, you’ll need to jog or go cycling regularly. Some people do recommend that you go for more intensive cardio, such as sprinting for a few seconds and then resting with a brisk pace for a minute or two.

Elements of a diet helping to get rid of man boobs

There are several problems to the diet and exercise approach and I have listed them here:

There are too many options.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that you have a million different options when it comes to deciding on a particular weight loss diet.

Then you have to add another million different options on what kind of workout regimen you need to practice.

Check out these subjects on Google, and you’ll need decades to check out each and every option. It just seems like each weight loss “expert” has their own opinion of what constitutes a proper weight loss fitness program.

So just how do you check these things out in an objective matter? Maybe you can read reviews and news articles, and hope that what works with others will work with you.

Your weight loss regimen may not really work.

That’s the main problem. So many celebrities like Oprah have tried so many diets, and none of them may even work.

Starving yourself is really hard, and this is why so many people just give up mid-way. And even if you do lose weight like Oprah did, you eventually regain the excess weight.

There’s also the problem that your exercise may actually contribute to the enlargement of your breasts.

Take a good look at all those weight lifters, for example. Quite a few of them do have sizable boobs, don’t they?

It takes too long.

To lose weight properly, you can expect to probably lose about a pound each week. So if you’re 30 pounds overweight, that’s 30 weeks of sacrifice on your part.

The problem is that in this approach you can’t necessarily target which pockets of fatty deposits are burned off first. Your body may reduce your waistline, for example, so you may still end up with man boobs even when you lose weight.

The time factor also includes any potential scheduling conflicts. We have to admit that for many of us, work takes a lot of our time. And when we do have free time, sometimes we just want to relax instead of doing more work like pushups and jogging.

So we’re forced to conclude that ordinary diet and workouts by themselves simply cannot be relied upon. So where does that leave us? What are other ways to get rid of gynecomastia for good?

Now we go to the realm of supplements, like creams and pills.

Are Pills Effective for Getting Rid of Moobs?

If you have skin too sensitive to use creams or you just want a method that’s very easy and convenient, you may want to try male breast reduction pills.

Taking pills takes very little time and effort. Simirarly to using cream, you don’t get scars and you don’t have to deal with pain.

And you won’t have to spend a lot of money as well.

But do they work? The majority of pills manufactured for man boobs work just as well as your typical over-the-counter weight loss pills.

That’s to say that they don’t often work as effectively as advertised.

Many of them don’t contain particularly effective ingredients, and others may not contain the ingredients that they’re supposed to have.

But there are few exceptions, of course, and the best ones are Gynexin and Gynectrol.

I have tested both of them and both deliver very good results, however, Gynexin is more effective for real gynecomastia and Gynectrol works perfectly for pseudogynecomastia.

Gynexin contains sclareolides that boost your testosterone levels while keeping your estrogen levels under control.

Remember that your lack of testosterone and your elevated estrogen may be contributing to your man boobs. Gynexin also contains a proprietary formula that specifically targets your breast tissues as well.

In addition, you also get other ingredients such as green tea extract that helps boost your fat reduction, reduce your cholesterol levels, and maintains your metabolism. It contains Guggulstones that boot fat burning, and chromium picolinate for stable metabolism.

It’s been in the market for more than 8 years. No other product for gynecomastia has lasted this long.

Over the years it has received a lot of positive results and testimonials, and its longevity is a sure sign of its effectiveness.

Bad news about products often lead to having a supplement discontinued, but with Gynexin you have a supplement that’s been tested extensively by consumers over the years.

Over the years, the manufacturers have also refined their formula and adjusted to customer feedback and the latest developments and findings, so that the current supplement formula is the best yet.

It’s made in the US. Not only that, but Gynexin is manufactured in a facility that’s registered with the FDA.

That means you have certain reasonable expectation about the quality control standards regarding its manufacture.

You can’t say the same for other supplements made in other countries where quality control may be more lax, which increases the chances of contamination.

Also, buying from some foreign manufacturer increases the chances that you’re getting nothing but a placebo!

There’s a 60-day money back guarantees. This is only for the unopened bottles, however. That’s pretty much a standard clause in the supplement industry.

So you can buy 5 tubes and then you can try it for 6 weeks. If you don’t notice any improvement by then, you can return the last 3 unopened bottles and get a full refund for what you paid for them.

The delivery and packing is very discreet. That’s so no one knows that you’re taking a pill for gynecomastia.

You can get a $250 bonus. If you’re not shy and it works for you, you can submit your feedback to the Gynexin manufacturer, and you have to send before and after pictures as well.

When you do this, you get $250 in return, while Gynexin uses your testimonial in its advertising.

Of course, you also have to remember that Gynexin is still a supplement. It’s supposed to work with your diet and exercise.

You still need to watch your calorie intake, and you need to exercise to burn chest fat and develop muscles. For more information check my comprehensive review page.

You may be surprised but over 80% of man boobs cases are really pseudogynecomastia not the real version.

Pseudogynecomastia contains mainly fat deposits not the overgrown breast tissue like gynecomastia.

To learn more about differencies between two versions check this article about pseudogynecomastia.

Gynexin was the first pill I tested and I thought it is the best you can get.

However, after realizing that I really have pseudo-gynecomastia I have done a further research and found out that Gynectrol is the most effective pill for this issue.

As I, and most of men with overgrown breasts really need to get rid of fat depostits under their breasts, I recommend Gynectrol now as the most effective sollution.

To get all information you need to use this pill read my Gynectrol review page.

How to Get Rid of Man Boobs with Creams

Are there any creams that work for gynecomastia?

Believe me, many of them actually don’t.

You have to consider one fact – medicines and supplements don’t work for everybody, so even with the most successful medicines you may be one of those people who are unaffected.

Many supplement manufacturers know this, which is why they sell stuff that are just essentially “snake oil” placebos.

But some of them do work for a surprisingly significant number of guys. You just have to know which ones.

Now in my extensive research, I have discovered few brands that offer positive results, and one of them is Gynexol.

Gynexol has been the hot topic of discussion among many guys today, because it is quite effective according to many of its most ardent supporters. It’s safe and legal, and you don’t even need a prescription.

It’s a cream you apply to your chest so your body can absorb its ingredients.

These ingredients are all natural, and they include:

Aloe vera juice.

Aloe vera is a very popular herb in folk medicine, and mainstream science has only lately acknowledged its many beneficial attributes for health.

One of its benefits is that it can burn fat off directly.

When you apply the Gynexol cream to your chest, the aloe vera juice seeps in and then burns off the fatty deposits, while leaving your chest muscles intact.


This is a very popular skin care product, and it has been used to help treat and alleviate various skin conditions such as wrinkles, blemishes, scars, and various age lines.

One of the reasons it is so great for the skin is that it tightens the skin, which is important when you burn off the fat from your chest area.

You don’t want to end up excess skin that folds and wrinkles, because they can be just as unappealing to look at like your man boobs.

When you exchange one problem for another, you end up still unable to take your shirt off in public.

Gingko biloba.

This is another popular weight loss ingredient, and its main function in the Gynexol cream is to encourage collagen production.

This process enables your skin to maintain its tightness so you don’t have skin problems as a result of your fatty deposit reduction.


This is the ingredient that brings all the other ingredients together to make them work well with each other.

Some other creams may contain similar ingredients, but they don’t work well together because they lack this key ingredient. What’s more, ethoxydiglycol also helps your body absorb the ingredients more fully.

The best ways to eliminate man boobs

Because all these ingredients are all natural, Gynexol is very safe to use. You don’t get the side effects that you may experience from other creams with their synthetic ingredients.

It has undergone extensive clinical trials to prove that side effects are not a problem.

Despite the numerous reviews written about Gynexol, no one has ever reported any serious side effects among consumers.

Now of course there is still the possibility that you have very sensitive skin. That may cause you to experience skin redness or irritation.

To check if your skin is sensitive to creams or to Gynexol in particular, you can always perform a simple test.

Just dab a small amount on the back of your hand, and leave it there for a few minutes while you check for any symptoms of side effects.

If you don’t see any signs of irritation or other adverse side effects, then it is also safe to use on your chest.

For best results, you should make sure you follow the direction for use. You just apply as directed and you don’t skip on any days, and you’ll see results slowly but surely.

The length of time you need for the Gynexol to work completely will depend on the size of your man boobs, but usually you’ll only need to wait 4 to 6 weeks to notice a significant improvement.

Your first noticeable improvement is a reduction in size, by about a bra cup size.

You’ll also notice your skin tightening over the area as well, so you don’t get those nasty skin wrinkles that result from burning off fatty deposits quickly,

It’s easy enough to buy Gynexol, as you only need to go online.

It costs $80 for a tube of Gynexol that’s enough for a month’s supply, although you can buy 5 tubes for less than $245, which cuts the cost to just less than $49 a tube.

That’s not bad, considering that surgery costs a lot more. And its price even compares favorably to some of its competitors.

Just make sure you buy your Gynexol from an official seller. Your best bet is to go to the Gynexol website itself.

Be careful of fakes – buying fake Levi’s is one thing, but using fake creams on your chest is another thing entirely.

You may end up with weird skin conditions when you buy a fake cream and use it on your chest.

Pros and Cons of Gynecomastia Surgery

Surgery is a very popular option for actors and celebrities. Even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has publicly admitted to getting surgery to get rid of his own man boobs.

It seems like a sensible solution, doesn’t it? You have doctors in charge, and you use scientific methods to deal with a medical condition.

After all, women have breast reduction surgeries all the time, so of course men should have it too. It’s not as if we like having large boobs ourselves.

 depends a lot on how big your breasts are, and why they’re so big.

If the main problem is the increase in fatty deposits, then the doctors may simply perform liposuction to remove the fatty deposits.

If there’s also some extra glandular tissue contributing to the size of your man boobs, then the glandular tissue must also be excised while the fat is also removed.

In some cases, excess skin may also have to be removed, and then the nipple will have to be repositioned.

While this gynecomastia treatment is a very quick solution to a problem, there certain drawbacks you need to know about.

For one, the gynecomastia surgery costs can be terribly prohibitive. The costs may range from $4,000 to as much as $10,000.

You have to pay the surgeon’s fees, and the anesthesia will cost a fortune as well.

Then you have to also cover the costs of the laboratory tests, and finally there are the post-op expenses, such as the pain relievers and other medicines as well as a compression vest.

And don’t even think about letting your health insurance company fork out the money for the procedure.

They’ll just argue that it’s not a life-threatening condition, so you’ll have to cover the costs yourself. And you have to hope that the condition doesn’t return, because if it does then you spent all that money for nothing except for a few months or years of boob-free existence.

You also have to remember that this is surgery, so there are inherent risks.

The main risk is infection, which can lead to all sorts of dangerous post-op complications.

Then there’s the pain involved when people cut into you with sharp implements, and you’ll need to take prescription pain killers.

You have to be careful not to get addicted to these things, while you also need to watch out for side effects. Taking Vicodin, for example, may result in seizures or a slower heartbeat. Or you can get addicted, like Dr. House.

There may even be some scarring in the end as well. Although having scars may be better than having man boobs, the location of the scars may make it obvious to observers that you had surgery in that area.

The scarring may also make you hesitant in taking of your shirt on a beach, which when you think about it defeats the purpose of getting rid of man boobs in the first place.

What is the best gynecomastia treatment?

Fast methods to get rid of man boobs

Depending on your situation, you may want to go for the most practical or most affordable approach.

If you don’t have the money to spend, you should invest in Gynecomastia drugs that will help reduce the size of the breasts.

If you don’t want to take pills then you can use gyno cream.

Steady workout and diet is also the way to go.

At the end of the day, all three methods will help you lose your man boobs and leave lasting results. It’s all a matter of how you want to take of the problem.

Gynecomastia medication can take care of the problem in a few months time with a minimum investment in pills.

On the other hand, surgery has a more immediate effect that is permanent; provided that you have the finances for such a solution.

Finally, taking the natural route by building your body should take about six months.

I personally tested all noninvasive methods and the fastest and long-lasting results gave me Gynectrol.

I know that if you follow the guidelines and information I’ve provided here, you will know how to get rid of man boobs. I know you can do it – I got rid of mine!