Detailed Comparison Of Top 3 Gynecomastia Pills That Really WORK!

detailed-comparison-of-top-3-gynecomastia-pills-that-really-work Info

Detailed Comparison Of Top 3 Gynecomastia Pills That Really WORK!

Choosing the right gynecomastia pill can be confusing as there are many alternatives. I have compared the TOP 3 pills that work best when it comes to man boobs treatment.

You will be able to choose the best option for you regardless if you have gynecomastia or pseudo-Gynecomastia.

If you are considering the use of gynecomastia pills you most likely have already carried out some research into the options available in the marketplace.

Extensive study and first-hand results in this field allow me to state that gynecomastia surgery and male breast reduction pills are the two most effective treatment methods for permanent removal of man boobs.

However, before delving any further into the exact gynecomastia pills you should use, let’s understand the basics of this condition first.

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Gynecomastia – What it is?

Gynecomastia is a medical condition wherein a man experiences swelling in his breast tissues, thus giving him a feminine appearance.

This typically occurs because of imbalance in two vital body hormones known as testosterone and estrogen.

This condition can impact either one or both the male breasts, sometimes disproportionately too.

A bodybuilder or athlete trying hard to improve his physical appearance and performance through testosterone supplements might face gynecomastia if the excessive testosterone converts into estrogen and causes an imbalance in these two hormones.

It should be noted that effects of gynecomastia go far beyond the embarrassment caused by such overgrown breasts.

The condition is also accompanied by acute pain in the swollen-up chest, and for the fitness conscious it can be a huge cause of public embarrassment.

Gynecomastia is commonly observed whenever there’s an imbalance in the estrogen and testosterone levels in the body and normally goes away whenever this balance is restored, either by stopping the use of testosterone supplements or countering such imbalance with the use of another supplement to treat the condition.

Do Gynecomastia Pills Work?

Coming back to the topic of gyno pills, please know that these gynecomastia pills are the only practical alternative to gynecomastia surgery.

So, yes, they work. And they can help you get rid of man boobs permanently.

Furthermore, these pills are far more cost-effective than the conventional surgical procedure.

We would like to mention here that none of the insurance companies cover gynecomastia surgery and hence you’d be required to fund any such procedure from your pocket.

When we talk about gynecomastia pills, there are two major types that cannot be ignored. They are:

  1. Pills for people suffering from real gynecomastia.
  2. Pills for people suffering from male breast tissue formation, primarily owing to fat accumulation in their chest area, also referred to as pseudo-gynecomastia.

By far the surest method to get rid of enlarged male breasts is by increasing the level of testosterone in your body.

Low testosterone and high estrogen level are the primary reasons for breast tissue growth in men. Once this ratio is balanced, you can quickly solve your moobs problem for good.

Please keep in mind that gynecomastia and enlarged male breasts are not the same conditions.

A man can experience enlarged breasts also because of excessive accumulation of fat tissues in his chest region; a condition commonly referred to as pseudo-gynecomastia (as mentioned earlier).

Hence, pure breast tissue growth (gynecomastia) and fat accumulation in the chest area (pseudo-gynecomastia) must be treated differently.

You must be careful while picking up gynecomastia pills because if you have pseudo-gynecomastia, you might benefit more from chest fat burning pills instead.

How to Know if you have Gynecomastia or Pseudo-gynecomastia?

Ideally, it is recommended that you consult a trained medical professional to diagnose your exact condition.

However, if you’re keen on knowing how to go about ascertaining the root cause of your swollen up breasts, following is a step-by-step process to help you self-diagnose your condition:

1. Lie flat on a bed, on your back, with your hands placed under your head.

2. Seek help from your partner or friend to pinch the area surrounding your nipples (areola) using his/her forefinger and thumb (we know this is embarrassing so control your laughter!).

3. In case the person feels the presence of a firm or rubbery mound of tissue in the area, you’re suffering from gynecomastia.

4. The absence of any such tissue or disc in this area around nipples can be considered the case of pure fat accumulation or pseudo-gynecomastia instead.

Top Male Breast Reduction Pills:

As mentioned earlier, gynecomastia pills are by far the best alternative to going under the knife.

The top-rated gynecomastia pills are usually 100% natural herbal supplements specifically designed for reduction and removal of enlarged male breasts.

We carried out detailed reviews of the best male breast reduction pills in the market and have picked out three that are well known to deliver promised results.

This ranking has been arrived at after also taking into account the feedback of men who’ve actually used these gynecomastia pills firsthand.

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Here you can learn in details about each of the chosen pills:

Gynectrol details:

Gynectrol takes the first place in our ranking of the best gyno pills, despite being one that’s targeted more at pseudo-gynecomastia.

Essentially it’s the best among the chest fat burning pills available in the marketplace.

Why we have rated it as number one is because a majority of men who believe they have gynecomastia, actually suffer from pseudo-gynecomastia instead.

And there’s no pill that works better on pseudo-gynecomastia than Gynectrol.

Gynectrol features a synergistic and potent formula that gets to the root cause of the gynecomastia and resets the hormonal imbalance, simultaneously burning all those stored chest fat deposits, and eliminating every last trace of male breast.

Gynectrol Ingredients:

1. Caffeine:

Regular intake of caffeine can cause a significant boost in your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), enabling your body to burn more amounts of fat.

Not many people are aware that caffeine can also speed up the lipolysis process in the body.

Lipolysis is a process wherein the triglycerides in the body are hydrolyzed. What it essentially means for you is that the fat stores in your body become the main target, especially the ones in the midsection and chest area.

Hence, caffeine can serve as an effective stomach and breast fat burner.

2. Chromium (as picolinate):

People in the bodybuilding circles are well acquainted with the muscle building properties of chromium, and how it simultaneously helps in burning body fat as well.

It’s important to note that for fat loss, a certain level of muscle mass is essential to achieve that result.

On the other hand, building muscle mass is also dependent upon fat burning in your body, so as to make room for your muscles to grow and show!

Chromium helps in proper maintenance of body’s insulin levels as well as the insulin functioning, both of which are critical for muscle growth.

3. Guggulsterones:

This Gynectrol ingredient serves as the process accelerator as it stimulates the thyroid glands, which has a direct impact on your body’s fat burning speed.

When your body burns fat at a faster rate, even the stubborn fat areas like pectorals and stomach can be targeted more effectively.

4. Green Tea Extract:

People used to green tea would already be aware of its positive effects on fat burning. Many consider it the annihilator of the stored body fat!

Green tea extract serves as an excellent source of various flavonoids, alkaloids, and antioxidants.

Apart from functioning as an independently effective fat burner, its combination with the other Gynectrol ingredients intensifies its effects even more.

5. Theobromine Cacao:

Counted amongst the best sources of arginine (the amino acid critical for muscle generation) and magnesium (an essential ingredient for a healthy cardiovascular system), theobromine cacao is the other important ingredient that goes into the production of Gynectrol.

6. Sclareolides:

Sclareolides is the other important substance that contributes to Gynectrol’s effectiveness owing to its powerful thermogenic properties.

Other than that, it also serves as an effective testosterone stimulant, aiding restoration of the hormone balance in the body.

7. Other Ingredients:

Apart from the above ingredients, Gynectrol also consists of protein, sodium, magnesium stearate and gelatin.

Gynectrol Benefits:

Regular consumption of Gynectrol can effectively target and get rid of accumulated fat deposits in and around the pectoral area, restoring a muscular and firm chest.

Other benefits of Gynectrol include:

  1. Hassle-free to obtain and consume, without the need of injections, prescriptions or needles
  2. Non-toxic to liver and kidneys
  3. Provides a thorough and safe treatment option for pseudo-gynecomastia
  4. Delivers results in a matter of few weeks, without any harmful side effects
  5. A powerful and natural formulation
  6. A completely made in USA product, produced in cGMP certified and FDA inspected facilities
  7. Promises permanent reduction and removal of enlarged male breasts
  8. Delivered free of cost to all locations world over

Potential Side effects of Gynectrol:

You might experience some potential side effects of Gynectrol if you don’t abide by its recommended dosage.

Some of these side effects are:

  1. Other than losing fat deposits in your chest area, you might also lose fats from other areas of your body
  2. Irritable bowel syndrome or upset stomach
  3. Slight dizziness
  4. A slight headache

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Gynexin details:

At number two position on our list is Gynexin, a popular herbal supplement which was created specifically for the treatment of gynecomastia.

Having been in the marketplace for over 10 years, it has emerged as the go-to supplement for anyone suffering from gynecomastia.

The reason we have rated it at number two on our list is that majority of people who think they have gynecomastia, are actually suffering from pseudo-gynecomastia instead, and require Gynectrol for its effective treatment and removal.

Gynexin carries out its task by working on the subcutaneous adipose tissues (fatty cells) inside the mammary glands of men.

It’s a unique herbal formula that has been developed by some of the leading nutritionists and herbalists of the industry.

Gynexin delivers optimum results if you combine its regular consumption with proper diet and exercise.

Let’s take you over its main ingredients, benefits, and potential side effects now.

Gynexin Ingredients:

Please note, although you might find Gynexin ingredients to be similar to Gynectrol and some other supplements in the marketplace, it’s the manner and proportion in which these ingredients are blended that makes Gynexin particularly helpful for gynecomastia.

Gynexin also consists of a proprietary blend that contributes a great deal to its efficacy vis-à-vis the gynecomastia problem.

Following are the primary ingredients that make Gynexin the highly effective gynecomastia pill that it is:

1. Proprietary Gynexin Blend:

This blend plays a key role in gynecomastia reduction and removal from the body. Its ingredients are kept confidential by the makers for obvious reasons (preventing copies).

However, judging from the Gynexin results, it can be safely inferred that this blend does work very well.

2. Chromium:

A kind of trace element present in the human body, chromium plays a key role in the management of blood sugar levels, apart from helping in fat reduction. Chromium also accelerates the process of muscle development.

3. Guggulsterones:

Guggulsterones functions as a natural anti-inflammatory, obtained from Commiphora Mukul tree sap in India.

Apart from being utilized in arthritis’ treatment, Guggulsterones also lowers cholesterol levels and normalizes body’s triglycerides’ level. Furthermore, like chromium, it also functions as a natural fat burner.

4. Caffeine:

Although in moderate amounts, Gynexin does consist of caffeine. As there’s a little amount of it, you get just the right level of stimulation you need for your nervous system. Other than that, caffeine also aids reduction of migraines and removal of unwanted wastes (through improved urine flow).

5. Sclareolides (3, 17-dihydroxy-delta-5-etiocholane-7-one):

Obtained from the clary sage oil, sclareolides functions than a natural testosterone booster which helps in balancing of the estrogen and testosterone levels in a man’s body.

Scientific research has revealed that one of the main causes of gynecomastia is the spike in estrogen levels and a reduction in testosterone, something that can be effectively addressed by sclareolides.

6. Green Tea Extract:

Who doesn’t know about green tea?! Apart from its commonly known benefits, green tea also has anti-inflammatory properties and fortifies body’s defenses against deadly diseases like diabetes and cancer.

As green tea is also rich in polyphenols, it stimulates the neurotransmitters and the overall activity of the brain.

Any such stimulation has a direct impact on the body’s hormones, which in turn helps in gynecomastia treatment and removal.

7. Theobromine Cacao:

Found in chocolate, cacao is rich in antioxidants that help rid body of impurities and toxins (which contribute to gynecomastia).

While it can’t cure gynecomastia on its own, when blended with other ingredients, theobromine cacao aids blood pressure regulation and fluid drainage.

Gynexin Benefits:

  1. Super effective in treatment of gynecomastia
  2. Prevents the need of going under the knife for gynecomastia surgery
  3. Made in USA product
  4. A 100% affordable, safe and natural formulation
  5. A seasoned and effective product that has been in the marketplace for over 10 years
  6. Manufactured in FDA approved laboratory

Potential side effects of Gynexin:

  1. Can interact with prescription medications and hence requires doctor consultation before starting active use (if you are suffering from some medical condition)
  2. Excessive dosage beyond four capsules per day may lead to liver problem, thyroid problems, and irritable bowel syndrome
  3.  Can also potentially lead to increased heart rate and stomach irritation

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Gynemax details:

The third spot on our list goes to Gynemax, which is essentially a weight loss supplement capable of removing fat deposits from different body parts, including the male chest area.

Hence, despite being primarily a weight loss or fat loss pill, Gynemax is also extensively used for gynecomastia or man boobs’ reduction.

Once you start using it on a regular basis, you’d witness a noticeable reduction in your swollen up chest, however, not as quickly as seen in case of Gynectrol and Gynexin.

Going by the real-life results, the visible changes start coming in around 2 to 3 months of diligent use. As is the case with a majority of such male breast reduction pills, Gynemax also doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription.

Let’s now go over some of the main ingredients used in the production of Gynemax.


1. Caralluma Fimbriata:

This one’s an ingredient which is widely recognized for its weight loss abilities. It makes you feel fuller for longer time periods, thereby reducing unwanted cravings.

2. Green Tea Leaf Extract:

Green tea leaves offer various important health benefits, the reason why their extract is commonly included in all kinds of health supplements.

Their regular intake helps people improve their BMR and energy levels too. It also helps in improving the immunity levels of the body.

3. Cocoa Extract:

As evident, this is obtained from the cocoa plant and functions as a mild fat burner, helping the weight loss cause.

4. Cayenne Pepper:

A well-known name in the weight loss circles, cayenne is a fat burning stimulant that offers excellent fat loss benefits with consistent usage. It can help the body with both minimization of fat absorption as well as fat secretion.

5. ATP:

Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP is also referred to as the energy currency of the human body. Extensive research has revealed that if consumed in the form of an oral supplement, it can catalyze the fat loss process.

Many health specialists regularly turn to this wonder-ingredient to serve as the perfect fuel for the human body.

When combined with other Gynemax ingredients, adenosine triphosphate delivers a synchronized effect which speeds up the chest fat loss process.

6. Slimaluma:

Clinical studies have revealed that slimaluma supplementation delivers significant weight loss by working as an appetite suppressant.

7. Chromium Picolinate:

A type of metabolism booster, chromium picolinate improve the delivery of essential nutrients to the pectoral muscles.


  1. Can help in overall weight loss
  2. The ingredients are absolutely safe for human consumption
  3. Aids better muscle buildup
  4. Protected by 3 US patents
  5. Actively endorsed by doctors

Side effects:

  1. Caralluma Fimbriata contained in Gynemax is well known to cause an upset stomach in many people
  2. The presence of stimulants such as Cayenne pepper extract can lead to harmful side effects such as excessive sweating, jitters, shaking and elevated pulse rate.
  3. Caffeine, which is one of the main Gynemax ingredients, might lead to negative side effects in people who are sensitive to it.
  4. It can interact with and cause more harmful side effects if one is already using antidepressants, corticosteroids or other medications

Conclusion – What Pill is the Best?

After having studied a large number of gynecomastia pills in the marketplace, we can confidently state that you must use:

1. Gynectrol if you are suffering from pseudo-gynecomastia, which is most likely to be the case

2. Gynexin, if what you have is a pure case of gynecomastia and nothing else.

3. Gynemax if what you’re looking for is overall weight loss from all parts of the body, over a time span of 3 to 6 months. You’d experience some reduction in man boobs as a side effect of this process.

I highly recommend Gynectrol and Gynexin as the ideal gynecomastia pills for treating different forms of man boobs.

1. Gynectrol – 5 / 5 ( My #1 Choice)


Best used for:
Burn Chest Fat & Reduce Male Breast

Recommended for:

Safety and Side Effects:
100% Safe and No Side Effects

Price of one month’s Supply:
$61.99 (£36.95) – 60 capsules

Availability & Shipping:

2. Gynexin – 4.5 / 5


Best used for:
Reduce Male Breast Tissue & Burn Chest Fat

Recommended for:

Safety and Side Effects:
100% Safe and No Side Effects

Price of one month’s Supply:
$69.95 (£52.41) – 60 capsules

Availability & Shipping:

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