12 Best Gynecomastia Exercises To Get Rid Of Your Male Breasts

Gynecomastia, which is more commonly known as “man boobs,” is a condition that affects a lot of teenage boys.  Usually, the condition eventually disappears as they get older.

However, in some cases, the boobs don’t disappear and the adult males are left with a rather embarrassing predicament.

Gyno Exercises for better chest

Fortunately, there are some gynecomastia exercises that they can do to help tighten the muscles in their chest.  These exercises can help build their chest muscles, resulting in a more refined and firmer appearance.


Why Should You Do Exercises for Man Breasts?

The presence of man boobs indicates that you have extra fat deposits in your chest area.  Through proper exercise, your metabolism increases so you can burn off the calories in these excess fat deposits and eventually break them down.

With the right routine, you can focus on toning the muscles in your chest and at the same time improve your overall muscle tone.  Once your chest muscles are toned, you are actually making the extra fat deposits less visible.

Furthermore, regular man boobs exercises can help in keeping your hormones balanced, which is crucial since hormonal imbalance is one of the major causes of gynecomastia.

It happens when your body contains a higher amount of the female hormone, estrogen, than the male hormone, testosterone. guy jogging on the road

As a result, the body develops feminine traits, one of which is enlarged breasts.

By engaging in regular exercises, your blood circulation will also improve, making your body less prone to stress, which is another factor in the accumulation of fat in the body.

When you are stressed, your body produces a greater amount of the stress hormone, cortisol, which eventually leads you to accumulate more fat.

What’s more, making exercise a habit can do wonders for your general health and well-being.

Everybody knows that exercising regularly can help ward off various illnesses, improve your appearance, and generally keep you in a positive mood.

You become happier, plus you become more confident in establishing relationships and dealing with different kinds of people.

A Two-Step Process:

In order for you to successfully reduce your moobs, you must remember that it will involve a two-step process: losing fat and exercising your upper chest.

If you are on the heavy side, then you might want to focus first on burning fat in the entire body, and not just within the chest area.

Oftentimes, your moobs might actually just be extra fat in your chest, which can be reduced through regular exercise.

Once you have established a good weight loss routine, then you can begin targeting your upper chest.  This way, you can aim for exercises that help build the chest muscles and create a firmer appearance.

Examples of Gynecomastia Exercises:

There are many different kinds of exercises to improve your chest.  The following are just some of the exercises that you can do to reduce the appearance of gynecomastia as well as lose some weight:

1. Cable Crossover:

trainer showing cable crossover

The cable crossover is designed to help in the burning of fat tissues and the stimulation of fibers and muscles in your chest area.

You begin by placing yourself in the middle of a pulley machine.

Grab the handles, and then spread your arms as you feel your chest muscles stretch.  Three sets of this exercise regularly are recommended for best results.

2. Decline Push-up:

The decline push-up is another man boob exercise that aims to help lose excess fat in the chest area.  It is actually very similar to the regular push-up.

The only difference is that you need to place your legs on a platform that is raised, such as a bench, for example.

Whenever you do the decline push-up, just be sure that your back is flat and that your hands are slightly wider than the width of your shoulders.

Try adjusting the width so you can see which measurement works best for you.

You can do this exercise about three times a week, beginning with three sets, each of which contains 10-12 decline push-ups.

3. The Dip:

the dip exercise

The dip is an exercise that targets your triceps and your chest muscles using parallel dip bars.  Start by holding the bars and putting your feet on the lower supports.

Then, lift your feet one at a time while extending your arms and holding yourself in the air.  When you lean forward, bend your knees while crossing your lower legs.

Then, bend your elbows to lower and raise your body carefully.  Keep leaning forward as you lower your body down.

4. Dumbbell Pullover:

This workout is one of the classic exercises to lose man boobs.  It is so popular than even Arnold Schwarzenegger highly recommends it.

You begin by lying flat on your back on a bench.

Hold a medium weight or low weight dumbbell above your chest.  Make sure that your elbows are bending slightly.

Gradually lower the dumbbell to the back, placing it over your head and then all the way down.

Do this exercise about three times per week, starting with three sets, each of which contains 10-12 dumbbell pullovers.

5. The Flye:

Another exercise that works on your chest muscles is the flye (also known as “fly”), which is done by pulling your arms together.  You can do this either by standing in a slightly inclined position or by lying on your back.

Hold one weight in each hand and extend your arms right above your chest.  Make sure that your palms are facing each other.

Then, open your arms widely, as if you are a bird spreading your wings.  Afterwards, bring your arms back up gradually.

The flye can also be done with a resistance band.  Begin by wrapping the band around a door handle or a column, then, in a standing position, place the band at around hip-height.

Hold one end of the band in each hand, with your arms wide open.  Slowly bring your hands together in front of your chest area, and then open them again gradually.

For best results, do this exercise every three or four weeks, using different variations.

You could try focusing on just one arm each time.  You could also do cable flyes, decline flyes, and incline flyes.

6. Incline Barbell Bench Press:

The incline barbell bench press is another male breast reduction exercise that you can do to target your chest muscles.

This is not the same as your regular flat bench press, which does not target the upper chest.

man doing incline barbell bench press

In contrast, the incline barbell bench press targets the upper chest and helps in reducing the extra fat.

Begin by placing the barbell upward, and then gradually bring it down.  When you do this, see to it that you are feeling the pressure on your upper chest.

Take a deep breath as the barbell goes up, and then breathe out upon release.  Although a 45-degree incline is recommended, you can try different angles to see which one works best for you.

Try this exercise about three times a week, beginning with three sets, each of which contains 10-12 incline barbell bench presses.

7. Interval Training:

As the term implies, interval training means alternating long, low-impact workouts with short, high-impact ones.  For instance, you could run intensely for about 30 seconds, and then alternate this with a three-minute brisk walk.

Interval training enables you to burn more calories even after the exercise is finished.  The faster your body can metabolize, the quicker you can reduce your boobs.

Interval training can also be done every day, allowing you to burn more calories and reduce the fatty tissue around your breasts.

The optimum ratio for doing interval training is about 1:3, with one representing high-impact workouts and three representing the low-impact ones.

Each session should be performed in about 20 to 25 minutes, with 30-second high-impact exercises combined with three-minute low-impact exercises.

8. Low Impact Exercise:

swimming to lose man boobs

You don’t always have to engage in intensive workouts during your gynecomastia exercises in order to shrink your gyno.

In fact, if you are the type of person who doesn’t exercise often, then you should begin with low-impact workouts before engaging in intensive exercises like lifting weights.

Two of the most highly recommended low impact exercises that target man boobs are elliptical training and swimming.

They are not as intensive as running or lifting weights, plus you would not be straining your joints too much.

Elliptical training is an effective way of increasing your heart rate; at the same time, it will not strain your ankles and knees as much as running does.

In the same way, swimming works your upper body and you can keep it up for an hour or so without getting tired easily.

Notably, elliptical training, swimming, and other low impact exercises are highly recommended for men who are 45 years old and above.

It is also recommended for those who have an injury, such as a sprained ankle, knee, or a torn alignment.

9. Seated Row:

The seated row is another exercise that can help you make your man breasts smaller.  It involves a rowing action that aids in toning your chest muscles and preventing them from sagging.

Start by sitting on a rowing machine and bending your knees a little.  Hold the handles with your palms facing each other.

Then, pull your shoulders backward while tightening your spine.  Without leaning back, breathe out while pulling the handles to your chest.

When you breathe in, gradually bring your elbows back to their initial position.

10. Smith Machine Incline Bench Press:

smith machine bench bress by young guy

This is another exercise that can help you in reducing your man boobs.  Since you will be working with low weights, you will not need a spotter to do this exercise.

What’s more, the Smith machine incline bench press enables you to perform a uniform movement for better results.  Start by placing an adjustable bench underneath the Smith machine.

Then, hold the barbell with your hands in a position that is a little wider than the width of your shoulders.  Gradually bring the barbell down without letting it touch your chest.

And then, push it upwards explosively.  Be sure to breathe in as you push the barbell up and breathe out as you bring it down.

Do this exercise about three times per week, starting with three sets, each of which contains 10-12 incline bench presses.

11. Walking, Jogging, and Running:

If you are really keen on losing the extra fat in your chest, you can actually try any cardio or aerobic exercise that can help in burning the excess fat in your body.

One example is by doing a combination of walking, jogging, and running.  You can begin by walking slowly for about five minutes, followed by about three minutes of jogging at a medium speed.

Then, run at a high speed for about two minutes, before going back to the first step, which is walking slowly again.

Repeat the steps for a second time so that you can burn more calories.

This type of workout is more effective than simply walking at a normal pace for one hour.

12. Playing a Sport:

guys playing volleyball

Aside from doing target exercises, playing a sport is another great way to lose those moobs.

You can play basketball, hockey, soccer, tennis, and any other sport that involves intense movements along with periods of low-impact activities.

What better could be a better way to lose gynecomastia than by going out and having fun?

Bring out your tennis racket, form a basketball team, or sign up for hockey sessions to help you get rid of the excess fat.

Exercise Your Moobs Away:

Notice that the gynecomastia exercises recommended for getting rid of man boobs are mostly low-intensity workouts involving frequent and repetitive movements.

Always remember that your main goal with these workouts is to lose excess fat in the chest, and not necessarily to build muscles.

Once you are able to reduce your man breasts, then you can focus on building your muscles up.  Furthermore, do not work out too much.

Even the more experienced bodybuilders know that rest is important for the body.  Take things slowly and keep in mind that you will eventually reach your goal someday.