Gynecomastia Surgery – Is it the Best Way to Get Rid of Manboobs?

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Gynecomastia Surgery – Is it the Best Way to Get Rid of Manboobs?


Man boobs is a condition that affects millions of men, and for a significant number, gynecomastia surgery is the only option they see available. But is surgery really effective, or are there other options? Before you go under the knife, understanding of the basic facts is necessary, and prior to looking at the surgical procedure, some facts about man boobs have to be cleared up first.

What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a medical condition marked by the enlargement of the male breasts. This usually occurs during puberty and is normal, but due to drugs, heredity and other reasons, the breasts, which should get smaller once puberty ends, gets larger. While it’s not a fatal condition, it is embarrassing and makes you feel uncomfortable. The most obvious symptom is enlargement of the breasts, but excess localized fat is another as well as excessive breast skin.

How Much Will the Surgery Cost?

The average gynecomastia surgery cost is $3000 to $5000. However, the exact cost will vary and depend on several factors such as the severity of your condition, the operating room facility, the anesthesia that will be used and other expenses. The cost will also depend on the experience of the surgeon, the kind of procedure that will be used and so on. Also keep in mind that this surgical procedure usually isn’t covered by insurance so there is no savings to be had there.

Other costs may include the following:

  • Anesthesia fees
  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Medication prescriptions
  • Post-surgery garments
  • Medical tests
  • Costs for the medical facility

If you’ve decided to undergo surgery, inquire about the cost early, and ask for all the expenses, not just the surgery. One of the most common misconceptions men make is assuming the cost is limited to the procedure, so it looks affordable. But as pointed out above, there are other expenses you need to factor in.

Who is a Candidate for Man Boobs Surgery?

Aside from knowing the cost of male breast reduction you also have to determine if you’re a viable candidate for the procedure. Just because you have gynecomastia doesn’t mean you should undergo the procedure.

You are a candidate for surgery if:

  • You have tried the other procedures and none of them worked
  • You don’t have a life threatening medical condition
  • You are not taking medication that will complicate the operation
  • You don’t smoke
  • You don’t have any substance abuse problems
  • You are physically healthy and can withstand surgery
  • Your weight is relatively normal

Surgery is also for those who have studied gyno surgery facts and have realistic expectations. Surgery is also for those whose breast enlargement has stopped already and stabilized. Keep in mind that this procedure is usually undertaken by adult males, although adolescents can also have their breasts reduced. However, gynecomastia is quite common during this period so the surgeon might suggest you wait first to see if the breasts eventually reduce on their own. If not, surgery is an option, but follow up procedures may be required if the condition persists.

The Recovery Process

If you undergo surgery, you’ll need time to recover. Bandages and dressings will be applied on the areas where the operation was performed, and a support garment or elastic bandage may be utilized to reduce the swelling and provide support for your newly sculpted chest. While the surgery may have removed the fats, you need time to heal.

A tube might also be set under your skin to remove any excess fluid, and your surgeon will also give you instructions on how to care for the area where the incisions where made. Follow the directions for draining, healing, and what medications to apply and take. These medications are to prevent infections and speed up the recovery process.

There may be other questions on your mind, such as what medication you’ll take, when the stiches will be removed and so on. The answers will vary depending on the operation and the final results will also depend on your condition.

The result will also depend on the cause: if your man boobs is the result of drugs, medication or steroids, you have to be free of these prior to the surgery for the results to be acceptable. If you need those medications, speak with your physician and explain that you’re planning to undergo surgery.

After the surgery, you’ll need to rest at home. Consult your doctor if you experience shortness of breath or irregular heartbeats or chest pains. If any of these takes place, something might have gone wrong with the surgery and you’ll need hospitalization.

What are the Risks?

Going under the knife is a personal decision, and only you can decide if the benefits outweigh the risks. While a lot of men undergo the procedure, there are possible complications:

  • Reactions to the injected agents, topical preparations, glues, suture materials and tape
  • There are anesthesia risks
  • Bleeding
  • Scarring
  • Revision surgery possible
  • Pain
  • Wounds heal poorly
  • Infection
  • Seroma or fluid accumulation
  • Fat necrosis, wherein the fat tissue in your breast dies
  • Pulmonary complications, cardiac issues and deep vein thrombosis
  • Damage to the deeper structures of your body such as the lungs, muscles, blood vessels and nerves
  • Temporary or permanent changes to nipple and breast sensations
  • Breasts asymmetry
  • Blood clotting

As you can see there are a lot of potential risks, and you have to sign a consent form to ensure that you are fully aware of the risks and the possible complications. It’s imperative therefore, that you pay attention to what will happen and ask the surgeon questions if there’s something you don’t understand.

Is Surgery the Best Answer?

Is surgery effective? Yes it can be effective, but the risks and cost may be too much for many. If you cannot afford man boobs surgery or don’t want to take the risks, there’s Gynexol, a natural body sculpting cream that gets rid of man boobs. This is the only gynecomastia cream available today and while it doesn’t work overnight, given enough time will reduce your man boobs to normal size.


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