Gynectrol Review – Can It Really Get Rid of Man Boobs?

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Gynectrol Review – Can It Really Get Rid of Man Boobs?


This Gynectrol review is for those of you who may have heard of the product but not sure if it’s effective or not. Man boobs is a common condition and cause embarrassment and discomfort, and if you’re one of those that is suffering from this, maybe it’s time you take a look at this supplement and learn why it’s so effective.

What is Gynectrol?

Gynectrol pills for gynecomastia have been specially formulated to accelerate the fat loss process in your chest. One of the primary causes of gynecomastia is fat and being overweight, and what this supplement does is shed off those fats and pounds safely and quickly. While this supplement is relatively new, it’s widely used in bodybuilding circles as it’s proven time and again to work. Furthermore, the ingredients are all-natural with little to no side effects.

The reason why this product helps to get rid of gyno is it literally reduces the fat cells so your chest gets flatter and appears more manly. This product is made by Crazy Bulk, a company that’s well known for manufacturing top of the line muscle gaining and strength building products, and that alone should tell you something about its quality.

The way the supplement works is easy enough to understand: the faster your burn fats, the quicker your man boobs will disappear. One of the things you’ll notice with the list of ingredients below is that they’ll burn fat all over your body, and that’s important.

Your body stores fat cells in different places such as your belly, thighs, and chest and so on. When you take this supplement, it stimulates burning of fats. This forces your body to use up the fat reserves stored elsewhere – like those in your chest – and thus restore them to the regular size. This is going to take time but it does work.

What are the Ingredients?

The secret to Gynectrol are the ingredients, so here’s what you’ll get:

  • Caffeine: caffeine has an unsavory reputation, but in moderate doses it’s going to boost your metabolism and enhance lipolysis, making it a potent fat burner. What caffeine does is stimulate lipolysis, causing your body to release fatty acids in your bloodstream. This forces your body to convert fat reserves into energy, which helps burn the fats in your chest.

Caffeine also provides you with a dose of energy that will keep you up and about, and as a stimulant it’s going to improve your mental and physical performance. When caffeine is combined with the other ingredients in this supplement, you’re going to get more energy to work out and lift weights.

  • Green Tea Extract: the Chinese have long recognized the benefits of green tea, and now more and more people in the West are recognizing its benefits. The extract in Gynectrol is rich in alkaloids and flavonoids, both of which are effective in burning fats. Green tea also has thermogenic properties that help you lose your bitch tits.
  • Gugglesterone: Gugglesterone acts as a stimulant for the thyroid glands, producing a catabolic effect on body fats, causing them to burn up and be converted into energy.
  • Thebromine cacao with L-arginine: L-arginine is not exactly a fat burner, but it’s essential nevertheless because it stimulates testosterone production and leads to faster muscle buildup. As has been pointed out before, it’s imperative that you build up muscles and strength while working out so you don’t end up being too thin.

All of these ingredients are natural and were subject to rigorous testing prior to being included here. On their own, these ingredients are potent fat burners and work well in terms of burning fat. But with the way they have fused in Gynectrol, they now work specifically to target the fatty deposits in your chest.


  • The ingredients are natural and proven to work
  • The product works quickly
  • There are no major side effects
  • Easy to use
  • Ingredients have been scientifically tested


  • The product is still somewhat new so you’re not going to find too many reviews of it
  • This product isn’t going to sculpt your chest: it’s going to remove the fat, but if you want a muscular chest, pumping iron is required

How Much Should I Take?

Complete instructions are provided on the label, but generally you just need to take the tablets twice a day before eating a full meal. For those days when you’re going to work out, take the pills at least half an hour before starting a workout. Because it’s available in tablet form, you can take it anytime you want.

Keep in mind that this is a food supplement, not a drug, so there’s little chance you will  suffer any side effects. Unlike other man boobs treatment, Gynectrol doesn’t require prescription from a doctor before you can use it. This is important for a lot of guys as they don’t have to deal with the embarrassment of telling someone they have man boobs.

Where to Buy

The supplement is available on the official website, and each bottle contains 60 tablets and cost $61.99 (or £36.98 if you in the UK). If you purchase two bottles you will get one free, and considering how effective it is, this is really a bargain. Yes it doesn’t work overnight, but when you consider the fact that surgery costs $5000, this is a good deal.

Even though this product is relatively new, it’s become very popular to the point that other supplements have appeared, imitating it. Don’t fall for these as they don’t have the same ingredients and won’t work. To be on the safe side, buy only from the official website so you get your money’s worth.

The Verdict

Time to sum up my Gynectrol review and balance its pros and cons.

Gynectrol isn’t a miracle drug, and it doesn’t claim to be. However, there’s no question that it does work. There are a lot of products masquerading as cures for man boobs, but Gynectrol is one that has passed scientific scrutiny and proven to work. If you’re looking for an effective gynecomastia treatment, we highly recommend Gynectrol: it’s effective, safe to use and has no serious side effects.

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