Is This Pill The Best Gyno Solution For You? – My Gynexin Review

Welcome to my comprehensive Gynexin review where you can find answers to all your questions regarding Gynexin pills.

I know how important is to you to find an effective treatment for your man breast, that’s why I have done my best to include everything you should know about Gynexin.

You will learn about its benefits, ingredients and possible side effects.

You will also get the idea what cases of man boobs can be treated this way and what are other options you can use.

Gynexin supplement reducing male breast

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What’s in this Gynexin Review

If you’ve been looking for natural and effective gynecomastia treatment options in the market, you’d have definitely come across the Gynexin Alpha Formula.

Considered one of the best alternative to gynecomastia surgery, Gynexin pills work particularly well on mild cases of real gynecomastia.

Let’s take you through a detailed review of Gynexin and tell you some important facts related to this product including:


Some Facts About Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is the name given to the medical condition wherein men experience a notable enlargement in their breast tissues.

The term is a derivative of ‘gyne,’ the Greek for woman and ‘mastos,’ meaning ‘breast.’ However, it is also often referred to as man-boobs or moobs.

Others call it man boobs, and there are those who even refer to it as bitch tits. The vitriol and ridicule behind these terms couldn’t be more obvious.

Gynecomastia is a far more commonly seen condition in men than believed by many. Almost one third of the entire male population of the world suffers from enlarged male breasts.

Other than the embarrassment, emotional distress and psychological discomfort that gynecomastia causes, there is another significant aspect of it that cannot be ignored – some cases of the condition are accompanied with tremendous physical pain, making sufferers really uncomfortable in many ways.

Hence, it’s not just about constantly hiding from one’s co-workers and neighbors, it’s also something that keeps you from carrying out your day-to-day tasks.

That’s the reason there are so many different products claiming to tackle and cure this condition.

What Causes Gynecomastia?

There are several causes of gynecomastia, although we first need to define the term.

Technically, gynecomastia is the enlargement of the breasts due to a hormonal imbalance that causes the breast tissue to grow just like a woman’s breasts.

It’s all about the proper balance between the hormones testosterone and estrogen.

Men have both these hormones in their bodies, but the proper ratio requires a lot more testosterone present to balance the tiny amount of estrogen in the male body.

Gynecomastia disrupts that balance. Either the man no longer produces enough testosterone, or there’s too much estrogen in the body. Either way, the result is that man breasts become bigger.

Problem with large man breast

There are several possible causes for this hormonal imbalance:

* Sometimes it’s a natural stage in a man’s life. Hormonal surges occur during teenage years, and the disruption to the testosterone-estrogen balance can result in enlarged breasts during this adolescent stage.

* When past middle age, the man doesn’t produce as much testosterone as during his young adult years and thus he can develop man boobs when he gets past 50 years of age.

* The bigger breasts may be a side effect of using some prescription drugs. This includes street drugs like marijuana and heroin.

* Anabolic steroids can cause this problem too. Even using too much alcohol on a regular basis can cause the condition.

* It can be a symptom of a much more serious medical condition.

What If You Have Pseudogynecomastia?

In many cases, man boobs aren’t caused by the enlargement of the breast tissue.

Instead, it’s a problem caused by fatty deposits in the chest area. It’s much like have a larger waistline because of fatty deposits in the abdominal area.

Doctors don’t really regard this as gynecomastia, so they call it pseudogynecomastia.

But the effect on men is exactly the same. It still causes shame, embarrassment, and reduced self-esteem.

It’s also possible that a man’s enlarged breasts can be caused by both enlarged breast tissue and fatty deposits in the chest area.

In fact, studies show that overweight men past their middle years are more likely to develop gynecomastia.

What is Gynexin?

Gynexin bottleGynexin is a proprietary natural supplement that has been delivering very impressive results for gynecomastia treatment.

It specifically targets the subcutaneous adipose tissues (or the fat cells) in the mammary glands of the affected men, thus delivering a flat and a more masculine chest.

However, please keep in mind that Gynexin isn’t meant for everyone who’s just isn’t as flat as he might like to be.

The product is specifically formulated for men diagnosed with gynecomastia condition by their physician.

Gynexin Alpha Formula is mainly meant to work as a natural and safe alternative to the gynecomastia surgery (which is very expensive and could be painful).

In many cases, man boobs aren’t caused by the breast tissue enlargement, but by excessive chest fat deposits.

This condition which appears quite like gynecomastia, is called pseudogynecomastia.

Although Gynexin helps with pseudogynecomastia too, there’s another product Gynectrol, specifically meant for treating it without the need of surgery.

Gynecomastia Surgery and Other Options

Up until the invention of Gynexin tablets, anyone who had gynecomastia had only one option to get rid of the condition – by going under the knife (surgery).

However, the cost of gynecomastia surgery ranges anywhere from $ 4500 to $ 8500. As majority of insurance companies treat it as a cosmetic procedure, they don’t cover its cost.

Furthermore, there’s a risk of excessive scarring because of the surgical procedure, apart from the obvious pain. To get rid of the fatty breast tissues, the surgeons cut into the chest area, and remove the excessive fats.

Other options for removing man breast

As mentioned earlier, the best alternative to surgery is Gynexin.

Although the visible benefits of Gynexin aren’t as immediate as in case of surgery, you do certainly see the results over a period of time. Biggest of all – Gynexin is completely safe to use.

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Gynexin ingredients

The ingredients that Gynexin is created with deliver a potent synergistic formula to the body that does its job with great efficacy and safety.

Every Gynexin pill consists of the following ingredients:

Green tea extract

Researchers across the world are finding more and more health benefits of green tea with each passing month.

There is also ample evidence to suggest that it contributes to fat metabolism, reduces the risk of heart disease and prevents some cancer types.

What makes it pretty unique is that it isn’t fermented like the other types of tea.

Resultantly, it has higher antioxidant concentrations that effectively tackle the free radicals which constantly damage the body. These free radicals are produced naturally in the body and are also consumed through external sources like pollution.

Green tea powder is one of the Gynexin ingredientsThe researchers at Yale have discovered that the benefits of green tea might be because of its high levels of polyphenols and antioxidants.

Both these prevent sticking of the blood platelets and bring down cholesterol levels by keeping the LDL or bad cholesterol from oxidization.

Green tea extract’s benefits with regard to cancer are still under study. However, the initial results reveal a healthy connection between its regular consumption and prevention of prostate or breast cancer.

A research conducted by the American Association for Cancer Research discovered that a certain type of green tea did prove effective in the prevention of colon cancer.

The Journal of the American Medical Association featured a study in the year 2006 that found green tea being helpful in prevention of cardiovascular diseases. This study also informed that people who regularly consume green tea had a comparatively lower mortality rate.

Asians have been consuming green tea for thousands of years now, particularly in the form of medicine for improving digestion, fat burning, mental abilities and regulation of blood sugar levels.


Although it sounds pretty funny to pronounce, Guggulsterones is a pretty serious ingredient that offers some major benefits to the human body, including cholesterol regulation.

Scientific research reveals that regular Guggulsterones intake helps in keeping cholesterol level within a healthy range.

Reports reveal that it contributes to the transformation of cholesterol into bile, thus helping thyroid, which in turn assists liver in regulation of cholesterol levels in the body.

It is obtained from the sap of the Guggul tree, and is an effective antioxidant. This tree is mainly grown in India and is referred to as Commiphora Mukul or Guggulipid. Ayurveda, the conventional medicine system of India extensively incorporates Guggul ingredients in treatment of osteoarthritis.

The bark of the Guggul tree releases a sap that has been historically used for creation of Ayurvedic medicines.

Scientific studies have also been conducted to understand the link between these substances and how they prove beneficial for arthritis and overweight patients.

Guggul also has potent anti-inflammatory abilities.

Theobromine cacao

Quite similar to caffeine, theobromine cacao is also an alkaloid and offers various health benefits to the human body.

Theobromine cacao is used to produce GynexinAlso commonly referred to as xantheose, the substance is good in taste and is normally derived from the cacao plant (which is what chocolates are made up of).

Although it doesn’t have the same stimulation effect on the central nervous system as caffeine, it does work as a stimulator of the heart.

It’s an alkaloid-type known as methylxanthines that occur naturally in around 60 different plants. Even though theobromine cacao consists of caffeine, it isn’t as strong and doesn’t have the same effect on the human body.

Furthermore, it’s also not addictive in nature. The higher is the quality of the chocolate, the more theobromine cacao you will find in it. Hence, dark chocolates contain the maximum level of this ingredient.

As it dilates the user’s blood vessels and increases pulse rate, theobromine cacao functions as a vasodilator and a stimulant.

The overall effect is lowering of the blood pressure, the reason why it’s actively used in treatment of high BP. Being a drainage promoter, it’s actively used in heart failure treatment too.

Chromium (as picolinate)

Chromium picolinate has for long been used as a potent supplement in itself for helping overcome chromium deficiency in the body. It’s true value and effectiveness is yet to be fully researched though.

Just as anyone suffering from calcium deficiency would opt for a calcium supplement to restore its balance in his/her body, chromium picolinate is prescribed to anyone who doesn’t get enough chromium through his/her regular diet.

Majority of the chromium in the food comes through items like cheese, whole grains and brewer’s yeast. Unfortunately, some people can’t get the same amount of chromium through diet as they can obtain with the help of a supplement.

This is where chromium picolinate comes into excellent use as an easy and significant solution. It is essentially a combination of picolinic acid and chromium, which when combined is easily absorbed by the human body.

This ingredient is actively used by people, especially athletes, for healthy weight maintenance. Athletes specifically use chromium picolinate to keep their body weight in check.

While some studies have revealed its effectiveness in improving glucose resistance, it’s yet to be scientifically ascertained if it is truly helpful in insulin resistance.

Another important benefit of maintaining right chromium levels in the body is healthy metabolism. People deficient in chromium are more prone to laziness or fatigue, apart from finding it hard to maintain the right weight.

Research is also underway to prove chromium benefits with regard to high cholesterol levels in the body. Initial evidence suggests that regular intake of chromium can help lower the bad cholesterol levels.


Majority of the population perceives caffeine mainly as that pick-me-up substance found in tea and coffee.

Apart from working as a stimulator of the central nervous system, caffeine also offers various health benefits that people are not generally aware of.

It’s an ergogenic implying that it allows people to benefit both at mental and physical levels.

Caffeine ingredient accelerate Gynexin effects

A 1979 study in this regard revealed that the subjects who regularly consumed caffeine cycled 7% more compared to the ones who didn’t. Many other studies revealed similar benefits in cyclists and runners.

Many people suffering from breathing problems (including apnea, a commonly seen disorder in premature born babies) have also benefited from caffeine.

Why this happens is because the central nervous system hasn’t yet developed completely to facilitate continuous breathing, causing an infant to breathe in a shallow manner, with short bursts of air.

Caffeine, which was discovered in the year 1819, is essentially a psychoactive stimulant legal in almost in every part of the world. As it’s also a diuretic, it causes frequent urination when consumed regularly.

Theine, mateine and guaranine are some of the other names that caffeine is known by. You can find caffeine in 60 different types of plants, although most commonly in the coffee plant. Tea leaves are another very commonly known source of caffeine.

Caffeine can have a different effect on the human body, varying from person to person, depending on his/her tolerance and size. Majority of the people witness its effects within an hour of its consumption, lasting for over 3 hours.


Obtained from the clary sage (or salvia sclarea), sclareolides is regularly used as an ingredient in supplements meant for increasing testosterone levels and decreasing estrogen levels in the body.

As it is very effective in shrinking the fat cells, it also finds its way in various skin-firming and slimming products.

Taken together, this list of Gynexin ingredients is a powerful formula for man boobs.

Gynexin benefits

Let’s now take you over some of the primary benefits of using Gynexin:

1. Targeted reduction of man boobs

Majority of the men who at some point contemplate going under the knife for their man boobs reduction/removal wonder how something natural in the form of a pill can help them permanently get rid of this condition.

Gynexin specifically targets the breast tissues in the mammary glands.

Hence, you see your gynecomastia condition getting better before seeing fat reduction in any other body part. The latter is only a welcomed side effect!

How to reduce your problem

2. Almost zero drug interactions

Many men are often already using certain medications and/or supplements at the time of starting Gynexin use. This is absolutely safe.

You can easily use Gynexin alongside other supplements and/or medications without any worries, however, it’s always safer to take your physician into confidence first.

Please also note that Gynexin formula contains a good amount of caffeine and hence it would be better if you cross check the quantity of caffeine in other supplements you might be consuming.

Excessive caffeine is bad for the central nervous system.

3. All natural ingredients

Often we are left with no other place but to turn to mother nature for our body problems.

Gynexin taps into the innate benefits of various herbs and organic materials, and delivers it results without the need of any enhancers or additives.

Gynexin Alpha Formula consists of 100% natural ingredients, and is a proprietary supplement that delivers results exactly as intended and marketed.

It can even be consumed by vegans and vegetarians.

4. Safe even for the elderly

Majority of the men, in fact 60% of them suffering from gynecomastia are over 45 years in age.

Keeping that in mind, Gynexin is a perfect formula even for the older men, without any adverse side effects.

5. Cost-effective

Considering that gynecomastia surgery can cost up to $ 8500, Gynexin which costs just about $ 70 (for a month’s supply) is a very cost-effective solution.

Gynexin delivers its results relatively fast which makes it a very good investment for anyone who wants to safely and effectively get rid of this condition, without causing a major dent to his pocket.

Benefits of this supplement

Other noteworthy benefits:

When it comes to consumer products, you often get what you pay for. In case of Gynexin tablets, you get much more.

Although the formula has been especially created for targeting subcutaneous adipose tissues in the mammary glands, there are many other components that deliver a wide array of benefits worth mentioning here:

Improved energy levels – Gynexin causes the fat deposits in your body to be used for its energy needs. Hence you experience continuous supply of energy, ready to be channeled whichever way you want.

Better cardiac health – A healthy heart is often the difference between an energetic 85-year-old and a dying 50-year-old heart patient.

Gynexin lowers the bad cholesterol (LDL) levels and restores your heart to its perfect working condition. It also aids prevention of blockages in the major arteries.

Overall weight loss – As also specified earlier, when you regularly consume Gynexin, you not just lose fats from your chest area, but from all over your body, including your mid-section and thighs.

It’s just that your chest area and mammary glands are targeted first.

A quick look at the Gynexin ingredients detailed above, as well as their potential benefits would tell you a great deal more on what you potentially stand to gain with regular consumption of this product.

Gynexin is not a scam product, as its effectiveness has been reported in just about every Gynexin review written by customers.

For the best results with Gynexin, you should take this supplement continuously for at least 2 months without a break.

You have to take it regularly for it to work properly.

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Gynexin Users Reviews

A simple Google search for the term Gynexin would reveal the number of men who are already benefiting from the regular use of this product.

Many of them have even posted their before and after pictures, revealing how masculine, hard and firm their chests have become with its use.

Then there are some who have even created YouTube videos on their transformation.

Following are some before and after pictures of the Gynexin users that we have obtained firsthand:

Pictures of users before and after using Gynexin

Before and after visible results after using this supplement Gynexin effects on men

Importance of Regular Exercise and Healthy Diet While Using Gynexin

A good number of Gynexin reviews on the Internet suggest that you must make certain changes to your daily diet if you want to reap maximum benefits from your daily Gynexin consumption.

The idea is to eat less amounts of carbs and fats. Although you can continue eating those fries, it would just mean that you might need to use Gynexin for more much longer.

Hence, it would be in your best interest to remove as much junk from your daily diet as possible.

It would also be better if you get rid of food items that contain excessive estrogen in them. Focus more on food items that contain testosterone instead.

As estrogen is essentially a female hormone and testosterone male hormone, it would obviously make more sense from the perspective of this condition.

Following are some food items that are rich in testosterone: avocados, honey, organic beef, venison, garlic, tuna, organic dairy products, red grapes, cabbage, eggs.

Some of the estrogen foods you must stay away from include: bran cereals, tofu, alfalfa sprouts, soy, legumes.

You can maximize your results if you complement a healthy diet and regular Gynexin consumption with a stringent workout routine, especially exercises that target your pectoral muscles.

Some of the specific exercises you must definitely include in your daily workout are: dumbbell pullovers, decline push-ups, incline bench barbell presses and incline bench dumbbell presses.

Exercising is beneficial

What Is a Right Gynexin Dosage to Avoid Any Side Effects?

Gynexin is safe for day-to-day consumption and won’t cause any harmful side effects as long as you abide by the recommended dosage of 2/4 capsules per day – 1 or 2 in the morning and 1 or 2 more in the evening, before meals.

The maximum dosage is 4 capsules within 24-hour time period. Every dose of Gynexin pills should be had with at least 250 ml water.

Furthermore, as emphasized earlier, you must always consult a qualified physician before starting Gynexin consumption. In case you’re already consuming any prescription medication, Gynexin might alter its effectiveness.

In addition, anyone suffering from liver problem, a thyroid condition or irritable bowel syndrome, must surely double-check with his doctor before using Gynexin.

Gynexin use is an absolute no-no for anyone already taking acetaminophen or St John’s wort.

Its’ daily intake may also cause increased pulse rate and/or stomach irritation. You must instantly stop Gynexin use if you witness any such symptoms, especially any kind of adverse reaction and/or discomfort.

It should also be strictly avoided by children.

The possible Gynexin side effects include the following:

* It can increase your pulse rate. Normally, it’s nor worrisome at all, since your body does adjust to the caffeine easily enough.

However, the side effects can be amplified if you also continue to take lots of caffeinated drinks on the side. So you may want to cut down or eliminate caffeine from other sources while you’re taking Gynexin.

* In some rare cases, the caffeine and the green tea ingredients may cause a few men to experience digestive distress and hyperacidity.

This usually happens during the first week of use, since the gut may not be used to the caffeine. You need to avoid using aspirin and acetaminophen when you’re also taking Gynexin.

* The caffeine may also cause some sleep problems. But this is only likely when you’re also drinking soda and coffee regularly.

It’s advisable that you talk to your doctor first before you take Gynexin, just to be on the safe side.

This is especially true when you’re taking some medication for a current medical condition. But in general, it is very safe to take.

Why You Should Pick This Pill?

The answer to this question is very simple. It’s a better option than most other methods you may choose.It works well

* It’s better than some other gynecomastia pills available in the market.

Other supplements may come with synthetic ingredients that can cause more dangerous side effects than the ones listed here. They’re also more likely to occur.

Gynexin has been in the market since 2004. So it has a very long and distinguished track record of success and safety.

* It’s affordable. The price is moderate, basically the cost per day is only about $2 or so.

Cut back on your gourmet coffee and replace it with this – it’s as if you didn’t spend anything extra at all.

* It’s a good alternative to surgery.

You can undergo surgery to remove either the breast tissue or the fat deposits from the chest area. But these surgical operations can cost thousands of dollars.

There’s also the inherent danger of going under general anesthesia. And then afterwards, you will have to spend a considerable time recovering from the operation.

With Gynexin, the cost is 1/100 of the surgical expenses. There’s no danger associated with the anesthesia. And you don’t need to rest extensively while you recuperate.

* It’s much better than compression vests.

These vests mash your breasts close to your body, so that you reduce the apparent size of your breasts beneath your clothes.

But it’s a half – measure at best.

These vests are uncomfortable to wear, and they don’t solve the problem of going to the beach in public during the summer. It doesn’t help with romantic intimate moments either.

Where to buy Gynexin?

The best place to buy Gynexin is from its official website.

Where to buy this supplementPlease note, this gynecomastia pill is presently not available at any of the online/off-line stores and/or pharmacies because bringing in any such entity can significantly increase the price of the product.

When you buy Gynexin only from its official websites you can be 100% sure that you’re getting an authentic product, at the best possible price.

In addition, every purchase of Gynexin from the official portal entitles you to a free of cost bottle of Korexin as an added bonus.

Korexin is another very useful supplement that has been clinically proven to improve the Gynexin results.

Even as an independent supplement Korexin has been found to work as an effective appetite suppressant, fat burner and a lean muscle mass developer in the users.

Every bottle of Gynexin costs $ 69.95 on the official website. One bottle is good enough to last one month.

You can also buy a 3 bottle pack at a discounted price of $ 61.28 per unit or the 5 bottle pack at a discounted price of $ 46.93 per unit.

Every Gynexin order is shipped out immediately and is normally delivered within 3 to 4 working days in the United States and 7 to 15 days internationally.

What more, each Gynexin order comes with a comprehensive 60 days’ money back guarantee, which allows you to try the product in a risk-free arrangement and obtain a full refund if you feel it isn’t working for you.

Final Word

You have to understand that Gynexin Alpha is a supplement. It’s to help you deal with your breasts, and it’s not a magical cure.

If you have a hormonal imbalance, you need to listen to your doctor to help restore that balance. You need to stop taking substances like drugs, alcohol, steroids, and medicines that can cause this problem.

If the man boobs are caused by fatty deposits, you need to man up. You have to work out and go on a proper diet.

Work out and eat tight for the best resultsDoes Gynexin work? It does, but only as part of a comprehensive plan to help you get rid of your extra weight.

So be sensible. Exercise and go on a diet.

With the Gynexin capsules, you simply make sure all that hard work and sacrifice succeeds in eliminating your man boobs, while you don’t spend too much money and you remain safe.

Having tried all kinds of pills available in the marketplace, I can safely infer that Gynexin works very well on cases of pure gynecomastia.

It ensures that you get quick and effective results, in a safe and inexpensive manner.

All in all, this Gynexin review gives it a 9 out of 10. It’s an accessible and effective solution to a world-wide problem that can affect any man.

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